June 2016:  Welcome to NSF-REU student Yueli Chen !


May 2016: Welcome to our new undergraduates, Jacob Henebry, BU’18, and Emily Norwine, BU’18 !


May 2016: Congratulations and Best Wishes to Sunny Sun, BU’16, and Jeremy Weber, BU’16 !


March 2016: Congratulations to Stephanie Beach for Honorable Mention for her NSF-GRFP proposal !


December 2016: Welcome to new graduate student Jessica Elinburg !


October 2015:  Welcome to new graduate student Stephanie Beach !


October 2015:  Welcome to Gabe Hemmer, our visiting scholar from  Universität zu Köln !


September 2015: Welcome to Dr. Chris Kotyk, our new Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow !


June 2015:  Welcome to visiting student Irene Xiang from Swarthmore !


June 2015:  Welcome to NSF-REU student Nina Bolibok !


June 2015: Congratulations to Sunny Sun and Jeremy Weber as new UROP Award recipients!


March 2015: Congratulations to Steve Hannigan for the BU Innovation Award !


November 2014: Welcome to new graduate student Sarah Neville !


October 2014:  Welcome to Dr. Megan Youmans!


June 2014:  Welcome to Thomas Norton as a senior thesis student from BU Academy!


June 2014: Welcome to Kelly Wang from San Jose, CA as a RISE Program participant!


April 2014:  Congratulations to Jeremy Weber, BU’16, as the first ever recipient of the Laursen Summer Research Scholarship!


April 2014: Congratulations to Ariel Hyre as a recipient an NSF Graduate Research Program Fellowship!


January 2014: Welcome to Dr. Jenny Steele, a(nother) new PFF in the group !


November 2013: Congratulations to Dr. Laleh Tahsini and Sarah Specht, BU’14, on their latest Inorganic Chemistry paper !


November 2013:  Congratulations to former student Dr. Fred Baddour on his latest Inorganic Chemistry paper !


September 2013: Welcome to Dr. Daniele Ramella, a new PFF in the group !


August 2013: Welcome to Ariel Hyre, new graduate student!


July 2013:   Welcome to Carolina Vieira who spends one month with us, visiting from Imperial College !


June 2013:   Welcome to Maggie Tiedemann who joins our group from Lafayette College as part of the BU NSF-REU program.


May 2013: Congratulations to Josh   Nelson, BU’13, our newest alum


May 2013: Congratulations to Ms. Anny Hierro, MS 2013, our first Materials Science and Engineering graduate!


May 2013: Congratulations to Drs. Val Buntrock and Fred Baddour!


May 2013:  Congratulations to Steve Hannigan for having his first paper on the cover of Organometallics !


December 2012: Welcome to our two new graduate students, Jesse Guillet and Michelle Rudman!









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